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  "I believe that in years to come Chris Carelli will bring great pleasure to audiences the world over with his sensitive and powerful musicality."

Sir Angel Romero









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Introduction from CD Booklet

Western European Music over the last four centuries is commonly classified into six major categories: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and 20th century. These titles were created to classify dominant compositional trends. I have chosen pieces from each period and arranged them beginning with the late 20th century and ending in the Renaissance.

Within these pieces you will hear the atonal freedom of the 20th century period, the free formed, dreamy sensuality of the Impressionistic period, the powerful rhythms, dramatic melodies of the Spanish Romantic period, the clear, delicate melodies of the Classical period, the unity of complex harmony and romantic melody of the Baroque period, and the courtly, dignified simplicity of the Renaissance period.

In this book, you will find brief introductions to the composers and a brief outline of their compositions which I hope will enhance your relationship with the “new music” of the past.


Chris Carelli's Debut Album:

"Anthology" (Music of the Last Four Centuries for Solo Guitar)



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Anthology Samples (Click to listen)

1.   Walton: Five Bagatelles - Allegro
2.   Walton: Lento, Tempo di valse
3.   Walton: Alla Cubana
4.   Walton: Sempre espressivo
5.   Walton: Con Slancio
6.   Myers: Cavatina (from the Deer Hunter)
7.   Debussy: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
8.   Debussy: Claire de Lune
9.   Albeniz: Asturias (Leyenda), Op.47
10. Albeniz: Cordoba, Op. 232 No. 4
11. Carcassi: Study #3, Op. 60
12. Anon: Romanza
13. J.S. Bach: Prelude
14. J.S. Bach: Allemande
15. S.L. Weiss: Passacaille
16. Sanz: Suite Espanola - Espanoleta
17. Sanz: Rujero
18. Sanz: Paradetas
19. Sanz: Zarabanda
20. Sanz: La Cavalleria de Napoles
21. Sanz: Canario


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CD Reviews

A lovely journey through the Western European music over the last four centuries with a classic guitar. Chris Carelli, with his debut recording, attempts to introduce us to the six dominant compositional trends; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and 20th Century. Those who are quite familiar to more classical music forms are likely to have come across these terms. However, if you find yourself among the people that have never even heard these terms before, I can reassure you that Chris Carelli has compiled the most relaxing and delightful music in his ‘Anthology’, far away from any stereotypical view on classical music.

Chris Carelli began his studies on classic guitar in 1993 and a BA and a Masters degree on Music enriched his musical talent. In 2006 Carelli represents in this beautiful recording a collection of the most pleasant melodies that have influenced him so far. This album is one of the rare occasions where lyrics are rather useless and the music is so powerful that it speaks for itself.

Maria Tsinginari
Glasswerk.Co.UK, April 24th 2006


Chris Carelli’s “Anthology” CD exemplifies the musical talent of this fine young guitarist.  He embraces the essence of these classic pieces and uses his instrument to create excitement with this music.  Chris is accomplished and possesses insight into his creations.


 Dick Palombi

Conductor/Arranger, May 1st 2006


In his debut CD "Anthology" Chris Carelli has set out to explore the music that first inspired him to pursue the classical guitar, and the repertoire that has touched his life since that time. The result is a recording that showcases some of the best known and most accessible music for the instrument. Beyond this, the disc also offers some common arrangements for the guitar by Albeniz, Bach, and Debussy. It is surprising that on a lighter fare disc such as this, Carelli chose to also include the Five Bagatelles by William Walton, which are not only demanding for the guitarist but equally so for some listeners. I have a personal fondness for these pieces, and was pleased to find that Carelli navigated them with ease. Similarly, Carelli offers solid renditions of the other works on the CD which include "Romanza" (anon), "Cavatina" (Myers), and "Suite Espanola" (Sanz). If you or someone you know would like to be introduced to the world of classical guitar, you can do no better than this disc. It is my hope that Carelli will inspire others to the instrument, just as he was so inspired a little over a decade ago.

Timothy Smith, Minor 7th,, June 20, 2006


Subtitled 'music of the last four centuries for solo guitar', classical guitarist Chris Carelli takes on the six major categories of Western European music.

Working backwards he begins with William Walton and Stanley Myers ('Cavatina', natch) before hitting an early (or later) peak with Debussys double of 'The Girl With The Flaxen Hair' and 'Claire de Lune'. Then its on into my favoured Romantic period (hard to believe, I know) for a couple of gems from the pen of Isaac Albeniz.

Chris heads all the way back to the Renaissance, holding your hand with a well annotated booklet, cherry picking some fabulous music and emblazoning it with his prodigious talent. If only all history records were as vital and interesting.

Stuart A. Hamilton, Zeitgeist, November 9th, 2006







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